Colour in the garden – picture post

Colour in the garden – picture post

I couldn’t ever really say I’m the most enthusiastic gardener, but I do like the garden to look reasonably neat and tidy and I enjoy it most when there is plenty of greenery and plenty of colour. This year has seen us have plenty of that in our garden and it’s been a very decent year so far for both greenery and colour.

The pictures in this post capture a range of those colours taken close up with a macro lens. In previous macro posts I have often posted pictures of insects but on this occasion am relying on the vibrancy and range of colours for interest rather than my fascination with macro pictures of insects.

Macro photography

The pictures in this blog post were all taken with my Canon EOS 90D and a Sigma 105mm 1:2:8 DG Macro HSM lens. There are quite a number of links to my macro photography in this blog and simply typing Sigma 105 in the search box will bring them up – one example being here.

Picture gallery

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