Woodland walk – looking for a weasel

Woodland walk – looking for a weasel

In my previous post I had noted a few words and pictures to reflect on as we approach the last days of summer.

Whilst I was taking some snaps in the back garden for that blog post, one of my neighbours was mailing me a couple of pictures he had taken whist out walking in local woods.

Not only had he been sharp eyed enough to spot a weasel, when he went back later with his camera and after waiting patiently in the same location … not only did he see the weasel again but he managed to grab a couple of pictures of it!

Well lets see if we can spot a weasel,

Armed with the location information from our neighbour Steve, and our cameras we set off to see if we too could see this weasel. After parking the car it was only a short walk, a mile or so, to the location, but our optimism of seeing the weasel and our hopes of grabbing a few pictures were somewhat misplaced and we came back empty handed so so speak.

Despite being pretty common in the UK  weasels are pretty elusive creatures and to be honest I have never seen one in the wild and I suspect that even though we know where one lives and/or frequents I think it’s less likely than it is likely that we will see the fellow. Although I dare say we will check the location out again from time to time.

A walk in the woods is never a waste of time and we enjoyed our pleasant and relaxed stroll, and I have included some pictures from our walk in the picture gallery below

So all in all it’s a big well done to our neighbour Steve on his excellent wildlife spot and pictures

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