A visit to Lymm Dam in Cheshire

A visit to Lymm Dam in Cheshire

Last week we visited Lymm Dam, it’s a while since we had been there – in fact it was back in June of last year when we last visited  – check this link for details from last years visit.

It’s an ideal place to visit and on a weekday it certainly seems reasonably quiet, although I would imagine it’s a popular place at weekends, bank holidays and school holidays. The pathways around the dam are generally in good order and I would think are pretty accessible for most folk. There are a couple of ‘extra pictures’ in the photo gallery, check out the note below about these ‘photo extras’

Photo extras

We were fortunate to see a pair of swans with their new cygnets along with a pair of Grebes with a couple of chicks. Unfortunately given the location of the grebes and the distance we were from them the pictures are not especially good – but it was a delight to see the two chick tucked into the mothers back and the father doing a fine job of securing a steady supply of small fish to feed them. You can read more about grebes on the very decent and informative RSPB web site – follow this link to go there.

The photo extras I have mentioned refer to a few photo’s that are not wildlife related. There are only half a dozen and it’s people enjoying park life, etc – but my favourite is of the lady taking a selfie with her mobile phone and with the water as the backdrop. Scroll through the pictures to find it.

Finding out more information

You can find out more information about the dams history, development and local activities at this link – and if you are planning on visiting I think that it’s well worth spending a little time on some background reading – if only to find out what the area know as The Bongs is!

Picture Gallery

Clicking on any of the pictures below will open a photo gallery that you can click or scroll through.

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