Another visit to the same place – we dont get bored at Reddish Vale County Park

Another visit to the same place?

Another visit to the same place, another blog post and more pictures from Reddish Vale?

… er yes, yes and yes.

I suppose one question might be – another visit to the same pace, don’t you get bored of visiting Reddish Vale Country Park?

The answer would be a pretty clear no. It’s not a huge site to wander around but it’s certainly big enough to make for a decent visit. You can of course make some longer walks if you head off along the paths and bridleways rather than stick around the ‘central area’ of the Top and Bottom ponds and the woods that are close to the river. Even staying around the central area will pass a couple of very pleasant hours and there really is always something to see.

We prefer to visit early

Our preference is to visit during the week rather than weekend, and it suits us to visit early rather than later in the day. We think that getting there early give us the best chance of spotting the fabulous kingfishers and typically we do see them, along with a plenty of other wildlife in this much treasured local amenity.

Photograph gallery

The photographs below are from our most recent visit to Reddish Vale. Clicking on any of them will open a gallery that you can click or scroll through.


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