Biting cold weather but fine walking in the Tame Valley

Biting cold weather but fine walking in the Tame Valley

Sometimes it can be all too easy to overlook what’s right on your doorstep.

I suppose we are quite fortunate to have plenty of decent places nearby and that make for decent walking. One of these places is the Tame Valley and although we regularly head further afield to walk we do find ourselves returning and always enjoying our walks in the Tame Valley.

It seems a while since I last posted following a walk the down the Tame Valley, so I suppose in some ways this short post feels a little overdue.  I think this post was the last Tame Valley post.

Yesterdays walk was thoroughly enjoyable, and even though we didn’t set off until early afternoon, the polar jet stream that has been sending cold air to the UK from the Arctic meant that despite the afternoon start it was still bitterly cold.

A decent route and a decent walk

We walked a little over six miles and our route took us alongside part of the River Tame and then up alongside the Peak Forrest canal, before dropping back down towards the river and heading for home.

For the most part it was easy and pleasant walking, there were a couple of parts of the route where extra care (due to the ice) needed to be taken, but overall it was just a good and enjoyable walk.

Soon warmed up

Despite the cold, walking at a reasonably brisk pace meant that we had soon warmed up.

The generally good conditions underfoot, bright sunshine, fabulous blue sky and general peace and quite made for a very decent couple of hours and it’s a route we will look forward to doing again and as we head towards the spring.


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