No sign of the parakeets …

Another visit to Fletcher Moss

We have visited Fletcher Moss a few times in the last year or two and it really is a very pleasant green space to spend some time wandering around. Our personal preference is to visit on a weekday, on the single occasion we made a weekend visit (a Sunday) we cut our visit short as it was way too busy for us.

We really enjoyed our most recent trip to Fletcher Moss and had travelled with the hope and optimism of getting some decent photographs of the parakeets that we had seen (and heard) on each of our previous visits. On this occasion, although we heard one or two parakeets we didn’t actually get to see a single one – there really was no sign of the parakeets at all.

Although a little disappointing not to see the parakeets we enjoyed our walk, and the sight of the song thrush gathering material for its nest was more than worth the trip … and if you are wondering about parakeets in Manchester then check this story from the local paper or this one story from the PROPERMCR (proper Manchester)  web site.

If you want to know more about Fletcher Moss

I have posted a few pictures previously from Fletcher Moss and you can see those at this link. If you want to know more about Fletcher Moss you can visit the Friends of Fletcher Moss Park and Parsonage Gardens web site at this link.

Alternatively you can check out the Wikipedia link – here.

If you are in the area or passing through I can certainly recommend making the time to visit – it really is very decent.

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