Peak Forest Canal walking

Catching up.

I’m just catching up with some blog posts that I had intended to post in the last week or two. Being busy with one or two other things has meant that it’s only now Im getting round to it.

Seasonal changes.

One of the benefits of taking a regular walk along familiar routes is that you really do get to see the difference that the seasonal changes bring.  Of course there is the obvious difference in the change of colours as summer slips away and autumn establishes itself and the shift in the colour pallette is glorious – with even better to come as autumn takes hold.

But there is more to the seasonal changes than just those the weather brings. Canal life itself changes, the wildlife take on different behaviors, some seem to disappear for the winter and others seem to simply carry on without any regard for the shift in the weather.

New activity on the canal.

There is one activity on our local stretch of canal that isn’t an all year round activity. This new activity is the work to dredge and clean the canal. The work has been ongoing for some weeks now and will result in a cleaner canal.

You will find pictures of this activity in the gallery below and in some of the photo’ sets that I post in the coming days and weeks.

Clicking on any of the pictures below will open a gallery that you can scroll through.




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