Pictures from an amble along the River Tame

Another day another walk

Like almost everybody else I’ll be glad when the current lockdown restrictions are eased and we can travel a little further afield.  Although I am really looking forward to some sort of return to something that feels like normality and despite walking pretty much the same routes many many times before the pandemic and then during the pandemic, I still don’t think I will ever really get bored of my regular routes that include parts of the Tame Valley and stretches of the Peak Forest canal.

It seems almost every day I walk that way there is always something different to see. Sometimes it’s just a subtle change brought on by the shifting seasons, sometimes the river just looks so different due to heavy rainfall that has changed the pace the river flows at, and that in turn impacts on the behaviours of some of the wildlife who live along the river banks.

It’s not just the views that change

As the changing seasons bring changing views the sounds of the Tame Valley also change.  There is different birdsong to listen out for, different sounds of the wind in the trees and the sometimes dramatic shift in sounds from the change in pace of the flow of the river.

And then walking along the canal path also brings it’s own changes, but in a way they almost feel more gentle. I think there is something very peaceful and calming in walking along some of the many miles of pretty canal paths that we are so fortunate to have, and I hope to explore that thought some more in the coming months.

Look out for a future blog post that I am planning on doing and that will highlight some of the  links to the past along my local stretches of canals

Pictures from an amble along the River Tame

Pictures in the gallery below, include a song thrush, robin and dipper and of course the lady behind one of the other lenses in this household – Mrs Burns

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