The Grey Heron – capable fish catcher. Part 5

Part five of the heron watch

This is the last of the blog post of this weeks ‘heron watch’ series.  You can go to Part 1 at this link and you will find links to the other daily posts from there. What has been proved without doubt is the grey heron really is capable when it comes to stalking and catching fish.  Although this is the fifth and final part of this particular heron watch series of posts, it most certainly isn’t the last time I will watch or post pictures of the grey heron.

Fast and precise.

Once again I was able to witness and capture the incredible speed and precision of the heron catching it’s prey. On today’s visit to the Peak Forest canal I was only able to observe the heron catching one fish.  Although it was only the one fish I was in luck, because after watching him for some time on the other side of the canal he flew across to the side I was standing on and within a second or two of landing had caught a fish.

Of course my good fortune was at the expense of the fish who was ‘loitering’ on this side the canal bank – but that’s the way of the world. Being on the same side as the heron makes photographing the action a little easier as I’m using a lens with a 300mm reach. I’ll write a separate post about the camera gear I use in due course.

In the meantime have a look through the pictures in the photo set below.

You can check out my camera gear at this link

Additional information about the Grey Heron

Mark from the team at let me know about short video he has produced and made available over at this link.

I have watched it a couple of times and if you are at all interested in the Grey Heron I’m sure you’ll enjoy the video.  You’ll also find more information about Herons over at their site at this link.

Picture gallery

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