Visit Budapest in September – picture travel post (part 1)

Visit Budapest in September – picture travel post (part 1)

Budapest had been on our list of places to go to for some time. In fact we had pretty much settled on travelling there soon after returning from our superb trip to Krakow earlier in the year.

In between times we had a really enjoyable break in the Scottish Borders and I managed to squeeze in a couple of bike trips to Ireland and Scotland. You can check those out over on the motorbikes blog. Use these links if you want to see the bike trips  to Ireland and Scotland.

Budapest – it’s a beautiful city

I would say Budapest is an outstanding city to visit.

As a human settlement, it’s been around since early Stone Age times and has been occupied by a variety of nations, including the Romans; Turkish; Germans and more recently (until 1989) was actually under Soviet occupation. So not surprisingly there is a rich history to the city, its culture and buildings. I suppose like many European cities it’s not somewhere that you can really see and take in during a single trip.

The architecture of the city is quite staggering, interesting and magnificent and it’s an absolute delight to wander around – but as I have alluded to, there really is a heck of a lot to see and take in.

Once in Budapest there are any numbers of organised tours, walks, trips etc. and if that’s your thing then I think you would be well catered for.

On the other hand I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way, but we typically like to find out own way and are not really ones for being organised by others. Whichever side of the fence you sit I can’t imagine Budapest will disappoint.

Getting around

As far as I know it seems to be an easy enough city to get round using public transport.

There looks to be a first class transport system with frequent services by bus, train, metro, tram and taxi BUT I can’t sensibly comment on them beyond that, as we walked everywhere.

It really is a very ‘walkable’ city and during our visit (which was over six days) we spent four of those walking just about everywhere and walked a shade under 45 miles.

We used the MiniBUD airport shuttle service to travel from the airport to our apartment in District XIII.

The MiniBUD service was really easy to use (we booked online before we left for our departure airport), it was good value and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Our return journey from the apartment to the airport was via locally booked taxi – and it was a seamless and cost effective transfer back to Budapest Ferenc Liszt airport.

I’m not going to attempt to write very much at all about Budapest in this blog post – others have already done that, which is why this and the following two parts are presented as photo posts.

Would I recommend visiting Budapest?

Without a shadow of a doubt the answer is a resounding yes.

There’s such a lot to see and do and we left with a sense that we had barely touched the surface

Not surprisingly there is more information than you can shake a stick at online, but I have provided a few useful links below

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