walking along the longdendale trail …

We took a walk along part of the Longdendale Trail which runs for around 6.5 miles on the old Woodhead railway line. The Woodhead line used to connect Manchester and Sheffield and amongst other things was notable for the three mile tunnels through the hills, which at the time of construction was the longest in the world.

It really is a beautiful area to visit and is a walking route that is well suited to most abilities as its on well made paths that run along the former railway line.

We didn’t do the full route as we started near Crowden before walking the length of the Woodhead reservoir to the area where the old Woodhead station was (the start of the three tunnels, that are now closed) after reaching the end of the trail we continued a little further to a series of small waterfalls before heading back to the carpark at Crowden and a welcome drink and sandwich

It’s a fabulous walk, very peaceful and plenty of wildlife – in addition to plenty of seagulls on the reservoir we spotted robins, grey wagtails, tadpoles and dragon flies – all in all a very decent mornings walk

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