Wandering along the River Weaver and a visit to Vale Royal locks.

Wandering along the River Weaver and a visit to Vale Royal locks

We took a terrific walk this week along a stretch of the River Weaver in Vale Royal (Cheshire). The River Weaver has an interesting history and is inextricably linked to the salt mining of Cheshire and it’s most certainly somewhere we will visit again.

At a little under six miles it wasn’t a long walk but for the most part it was beautiful and idyllic. We had set off early and from a small off road car park immediately on the left after the Hartford Bridge (sometimes referred to as the Blue Bridge) on the A556.


Glorious walking on a glorious summer day

We walked down to Vale Royal locks where we crossed the river and then carried on along the river bank to Newbridge Pond before turning and heading back. The weather was just perfect, although had we left it much later it would really have been too hot to be comfortable.

Swans, swallows, thrush, herons, blue sky, every shade of green imaginable, a wide and gentle river and so much more- what else could anyone ask for on a summers day?

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