Wandering around central Manchester – December picture post

Wandering around central Manchester – December picture post

Just a very short picture post from a recent wander around central Manchester and the Christmas markets.

I wouldn’t really say I’m the biggest fan of the Christmas markets. In some respects, I sort of think when you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all which I know isn’t strictly true but I guess you know what I mean.

Some of the stalls (not just in the Manchester markets) seem to use the festive period as an opportunity to sell items that have little or no connection with Christmas. But visiting the markets or buying from them isn’t mandatory so it’s more an observation than a grumble really.

Decent enough

To be fair the Manchester Christmas markets are decent enough and spending a few hours having a wander round isn’t the worst way to pass the time. The City council claim the markets are world beating – but I’m generally wary of any claims for something that’s world beating unless it can be reliability proven.

I’ve been round the Christmas markets in Strasbourg, Munich and most recently Chester and I would say that the first two might have something to say about world beating!

Chester is always good for a wander around, it’s pretty and quite unique but in terms of the actual Christmas Market’s whilst Strasbourg, Munich and Manchester are pretty expansive Chester’s are much smaller.

And if you haven’t been before then I’d say visiting the markets in Manchester is worth the effort

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