Wembley scenes Manchester City and Liverpool

Wembley scenes Manchester City v Liverpool

A game of football between the two leading teams in the country saw  around 73,000 people head for Wembley to watch the semi final of the FA Cup. Wembley scenes Manchester City v Liverpool  is a picture post with images from outside the stadium before the game.

The peoples game

No pictures of the game here and no pictures inside the stadium just a selection of pictures of people heading for the game or doing things connected to the game – which in their own way provide an insight of sorts into a special day in the football calendar.

Just for one day

Ultimately it’s just faces in the crowd but each one has a story to tell of their day at Wembley. I love to look at pictures like this, what are people doing, what can we tell from their expressions?

All we really know for sure is that they are there because they each have a connection to Wembley, even if it’s just for one day. I have posted Wembley scenes before and if you want to check previous blog posts this link will take you there:  use this link

Picture gallery

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