Winter walks along the river Tame

Always the same and always different

As much as there is to be said about walking in different places and in taking different routes, I would have to say, that one of the things I have enjoyed over the years is taking a familiar route along the river and canal on a regular basis and seeing how in so many ways things stay and yet in many other ways they change so much as the seasons come and go.

This particular post includes three separate¬† ‘photo sets’/collections of pictures, that each open up as a scrollable gallery, so be sure to scroll through to each one if you want to check them all out.

Boxing Day walk and new lenses

On the simple basis that there is rarely the wrong weather for walking only the wrong clothes, then as ever my wife and I have been out walking each day, During the holiday period, my wife and I both had new lenses to try. In my case a Sigma 150-600mm super-telephoto zoom lens and in my wife’s case a Sigma 100-400mm ultra-telephoto zoom, and it’s fair to say that our early impressions of both lenses are pretty good.

I suppose the lenses were a Christmas treat to ourselves. Although we had bought them in early December we left them under the tree and didn’t actually open them until Christmas day – so although not a surprise it was nice to actually open them and try them out. My wife blogs at and it’s well worth checking out her latest posts and updates, even though it’s early days for her with the new lens, the results she is getting really are terrific – the post at this link will give you an idea of the quality of the images being captured.

Our only frustration is that the continuing but necessary Covid 19 restrictions mean that we are still quite limited to where we can travel to. We have a long and growing list of places to visit and cant wait to get further afield and use our new equipment -trips to Scotland and Wales as well as to a number of places closer to home but currently out of bounds await us later this year. At some point, I will write an update to the what’s in my kit bag article that I wrote in November of last year and include some thoughts on my new lens.

The usual wildlife

This first set of pictures feature the usual wildlife that is seen on a daily basis along the river and canal at this time of year. Blackbirds, robins, great tits, ducks, pigeons etc and so much more. although the herons don’t seem to be around as much at this time of year.

Muddy horses

Whilst most of us make sure we wrap up warm before going out – these horses and the gulls that joined them in their field really don’t seem to care about how cold or muddy it is!

Clicking any of the pictures will open a scrollable gallery.

Industrial views and random snaps

I’ll finish off this post with a few ‘industrial views’ and random snaps. It’s not always pretty ‘nature type’ views along the canal, but that doesn’t mean the industrial views are without interest, I have included a few industrial/factory type pictures as they sort of interest me in a different way than the pictures I normally post. The other pictures I have included in the photo set below are a fairly random set of winter images from along my regular River Tame and Peak Forest canal walk.

Clicking any one of them will open a scrollable gallery.



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