Visiting the incredible Manchester Monastery

Visiting the incredible Manchester Monastery

The Manchester Monastery really is one of those buildings where using the word incredible in its description is quite right and fitting.

Not only is it an incredible building, but it also has an amazing story connected to it, from its beginnings as a Franciscan friary in the 19th century, to its closure in 1989 and subsequent fall into disrepair and dereliction and then to its ‘rebirth’ in the the late 1990’s.


It’s such a special place

By any measure the Manchester Monastery is a special place with it’s towering Gothic architecture, examples of stunning symmetry and incredible stillness and peacefulness.

It’s a place we have been to a good number of times and have posted about on here before (check out the previous post path this link) – but such is it’s attraction that I don’t think I will ever get bored of visiting – even a brief visit into the great hall and a decent coffee in the modern and airy cafe makes for a sort of therapeutic visit.

Its worth a look at the Monastery web site for more information and the Wikipedia entry is a decent read of it’s history – charting the origins, the fall into disrepair and then the eventual restoration into what is is today, you can read that entry here

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