Home work & home improvements – time for new doors

Home work & home improvements – time for new doors

The fairly random approach to this blog sees a bit of a change from the last couple of posts.

Recent posts have featured our decent trip to Yarrow Valley County Park before that our trip to Wembley for the Manchester City FA Cup semi final and trips to Poland and Scotland.

The words and pictures for this post didn’t actually involve me leaving the house at all. But in it’s own way the backdrop to this post was as satisfying as any of the trips I have just mentioned.

Just get on with it

We had been thinking about replacing the doors in our home for some time. As with other jobs and plans things have a habit of coming along and taking over in the list of priorities. The door replacement work had got moved back a couple of times. However, a couple of months ago we decided to get on with it and subsequently made contact with the joiner who went on to do the work.

I would probably describe myself as pretty handy when it comes to jobs around the house. There really isn’t much that I wouldn’t have a go at it and that I haven’t done over the years. Whether that’s the routine of painting and decorating to the fitting of bathrooms and kitchens etc.

On this occasion the work to replace all the internal doors in the house (including one that would need to be a one off custom fit)  it seemed a better bet to call in a professional. And that’s where Stefan Slater comes into this post.

There can be a risk

It can often feel there’s a risk of sorts when you invite a tradesman into your home to look at a job and subsequently do the job.

I suppose most of us try to minimise that risk by perhaps getting a number of quotes, seeing examples of their previous work or by recommendations from others.

The joiner we used was someone who had been doing work on a job that one of my brothers had commissioned. I knew from what my brother had told me and from oictures I had seen that he was happy with the work.

We made contact with Stefan and arranged for him to call, look at the job and then to prepare a quote for us and It’s fair to say from first contact we felt comfortable with Stefan from our first meeting. He came across as decent and honest and someone who we felt happy to have in our home.

The price he quoted us felt about right and it wasn’t a hard decision to go ahead with that quote.

So how did it work out then?

In simple terms – Stefan did what he said he would do and when he said he would do it.

The job started on the day he said it would. He turned up on time, worked in a really clean, tidy and professional way and did an all round cracking good job.

Stefan was always polite and at the same time as getting on with the work he was never too busy to stop and chat. We couldnt have asked for more.

I suppose the test questions are would you use him again and would you recommend him?

The answer to both those questions is a resounding yes.

I don’t think I have written a blog post before that extolls the virtues of a tradesman at our house. Posts tends to be about travel, photography, places we have been to or the usual bike stuff over on the motorbikes blog.

It’s because we were so pleased with the work and the way it was done that I decided to make the effort with this post.

There are two sets of pictures below – the first has some general pictures from the work and the replacement doors upstairs whilst the second picture gallery has pictures from the work done downstairs.

How can I contact Stefan?

If you do want to know more about Stefans work you can check out his website at this link

On his website you will also find links to his Instagram account and Facebook accounts as well as images of his work and contact details

And last but not least …

He even vacuumed the sawdust from the drive!

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Picture gallery 2

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