Christmas at Dunham Massey – the after dark trail

The after dark trail

We are fairly frequent visitors throughout the year to the National Trust property at Dunham Massey and were there again last weekend for the annual Christmas light show along the after dark trail.

We went to the light show last year and really enjoyed it. In fact we enjoyed it so much so that we recommended it to our children who also bought tickets for this years event and went along on the same evening as us with their respective children (our grandchildren). This in turn allowed all of us to sort of be out together for the first time since February!

Like so many other people, having had a number of events, concerts, holidays and so on cancelled this year we did wonder a few months ago whether or not the Christmas lights might go the same way and be cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic.

Happily with adjustments to the way some of the displays were configured, some alterations to the way the food court was accessed along with one or two other changes including suitable social distancing measures the event has been able to go ahead. We were all pretty comfortable with the arrangements and it was all done in what I considered to be in suitably Covid compliant conditions – obviously being an outdoor event towards  the back end of December was helpful as well.

Good value

At just £20 for an adult ticket (and I know family tickets were also available) I think it’s a pretty good value occasion. Although the overall event felt a little shorter than last year (I guess due to Covid issues) it still takes the best part of a couple of hours to wander round and have a bite to eat and the fact that the event was able to go ahead in its slightly amended form was great and I’m sure was appreciated by so many people.

All things being equal we expect to go again in 12 months time – it really is a decent way to spend a couple of hours.

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