Birds in frantic feeding frenzy on the feeders

Birds in frantic feeding frenzy on the feeders

During the week we moved some of our bird feeders and added a ‘home made’ log bird feeder.

The log bird feeder was pretty much a straight copy from an idea that my wife had found somewhere online. It’s simply a reasonably sturdy log that hasn’t dried out too much, with some one inch holes drilled into it and then the holes packed with a seed mix and broken down fat balls  (I used a little milk to bind the various seeds and bits and pieces together).

An early success

I suppose it’s too soon to say whether or not the move of the feeders and the new log feeder are a success, but the early indications suggest it may well be.

Ideally we would have some more ‘cover’ for the birds but in recent years we have lost all the trees that were at the back of our garden (in an adjoining property) and in fact the four or five leylandii trees that were originally along the side of our garden were removed many years ago.

We have started to rectify this on one side of the garden and that has been quite a success – we now have multiple daily visits from goldfinches to the feeders that are on that side.

Yesterdays activity on the log and new feeder location was more of a frenzy than anything else and we had plenty of starlings and sparrows helping themselves.  Our other regular visitors were also around: pigeons, magpies and jackdaws but they feed off the ground rather than the higher level feeders.

We haven’t seen the sparrowhawk again and I doubt we will – the visit in June was almost certainly was a one off.

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