The Great Spotted Woodpecker

The Great Spotted Woodpecker.

A few weeks ago, in mid-December, I wrote about spotting the Great Spotted Woodpecker. Yesterday whilst out walking and in the same location, and that my wife and I call Woodpecker Gate, I saw him again and managed to grab a few pictures.

I won’t write in detail about the woodpecker as I did so in my previous woodpecker post, you can check that post out at the link above or here.┬á So rather than write more or repeat myself I have included a short poem below

The Woodpecker

A poem by Elizabeth Maddox Roberts

The woodpecker pecked out a little round hole
And made him a house in the telephone pole.

One day when I watched he poked out his head,
And he had on a hood and a collar of red.

When the streams of rain pour out of the sky,
And the sparkles of lightning go flashing by,

And the big, big wheels of thunder roll,
He can snuggle back in the telephone pole.

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