Macro photography – lots to learn

Macro photography

I wrote a short post in September about getting to grips with macro photography and then followed that up at the end of the month with a post I called ‘developing my skills‘.

Continuing the series

This post is the next in the ‘macro series’. On the one hand I am reasonably happy with the macro pictures that I have taken so far, but equally I know that actually they are only really ‘OK’ and that I have a lot to learn and plenty of room for improvement with this genre of photography.

My wife also uses Canon gear, but she has gone down the mirrorless route and she also enjoys macro photography – you can see her general photographs at her blog: and her macro pictures here.

A dark art

The pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 90D using a Sigma 105mm DG Macro HSM lens. I know there is a real knack and skill to getting enough light into the lens and this is something I intend to understand more over the winter months. At the moment macro photography feels like something of a dark art to me.

Clicking any of the pictures below will open a gallery that you can scroll through.


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