another august stroll along the Peak Forest canal

Another fine summer evening saw us head off to Chinley and leave our car in a small parking spot alongside the Peak Forest canal. As we had turned right on our previous visit a couple of days earlier, this time we decided to turn left and head in the direction of Marple.

It was a fine walk on a fine evening and we always enjoy the simple pleasure of observing canal life in all it’s forms and manifestations and no matter how often we see a heron I dont think either of us ever tire of watching them or their almost clumsy elegance and this evenings walk was no exception.

After walking a couple of miles or so we turned around to start making our way back to where we had left the car. Our luck was in as we spotted and then ‘followed’ one of the herons as he flew a few yards then stopped before moving on again for a few yards a routine he repeated many times over. All in all it was a satisfying end to a decent walk. Some pictures in the gallery below.



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