Another visit to Dunham Massey – National Trust

Dunham Massey

For the first time in ages we travelled a little bit futher than normal, and instead of our regular ‘lockdown’ walking route we took the car and visited the National Trust property at Dunham Massey. We were still being sensible of course and respecting the covid rules – our journey was just some 20 minutes in the car.

Although it wasnt so long since our last visit in December for the excellent annual christmas lights show – see the earlier post here, we were more than happy to visit again – it really is an excellent place to return to time and time again.

As has been the case throughout the pandemic advance booking was a requirement so that numbers on site could be controlled, having booked in advance we had been keeping our fingers crossed that the weather would stay dry – and we were not dissapointed.

Not too much to see on this visit

There wasnt a great deal of wildlife to see on this visit but our lazy wander around the parkland was lovely and more than worth the effot of going there.

Probably best of all was the random opportunity to take a few pictures of a young mum enjoying the parkland and deer spotting with her son Charlie.

I saw her snapping a picture with her phone and asked did she want a few pictures taking and emailing to her later. My wife and I both took a few pictures (although the lenses we had on were not ideal for portrait/family pictures- super zoom telephotos), but the pictures were decent enough and I know that Charlie and family were delighted with the results when we were able to mail them over later that day [for privacy reasons none are included in the picture set below].

So in addition to a decent walk and being able to take some pictures that we like, we ahd the bonus of adding a smile to someone elses day

Picture gallery

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