Back at Reddish Vale Country Park – picture post

Back at Reddish Vale Country Park

It is as the title says  ‘back at Reddish Vale Country Park’.

As I have recently posted about a couple of visits to Reddish Vale Country Park, this blog post is just a ‘picture post’.  You can check out my most recent Reddish Vale post at this link and there are a couple of other links to related blog posts that feature visits to Reddish Vale, you can see those here and here.

We will be making plenty more visits to ‘the vale’ so it’s always worth checking back here for new posts and pictures. You can search the blog by using the ‘search the rainy city function’ or if you want to be notified of new posts why not subscribe to the blog by email – it’s free!

And there are pictures of …

Included in this picture posts are:  robins, doves, kingfishers, long tailed tits, sparrows, jays, cormorants and heron.

When it comes to picking my favourite birds than I would probably say the jay and the nuthatch would always be on that list, but unfortunately no pictures of a nuthatch in this post – maybe next time, but in anycase there are some decent pictures of a jay included in the picture set.

Picture set

Clicking on any of the pictures below will open a gallery that you can scroll or click through


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