Visit Budapest in September – picture travel post (part 3)

Visit Budapest in September – picture travel post (part 3)

I said at the start of this picture post series (in Part 1) that Budapest had been on our list of places to go to for some time.

It certainly didn’t disappoint us and it’s fair to say that it exceeded our expectations on many levels.

A look through the photographs in the picture gallery in the previous posts and the picture gallery in this third and final post will give an idea of why we loved it so much.

It’s a wonderful city and one we would commend to you to consider travelling to, if you are able.

And don’t forget

If you have arrived here (at Part 3) without seeing the Picture Galleries in Part 1 or Part 2  you can head back to Part 1 with this link  and to Part 2 with this link.

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