Autumn views on the Peak Forest canal

Autumn colours

Another autumn wander along a short stretch of the River Tame and then the Peak Forest canal. For this walk I left my zoom lenses at home and went armed with just my Sigma 105mm 2.8 DG Macro HSM lens. Taking just this lens meant that I knew in advance that it was pretty unlikely I would be snapping much wildlife but I was more interested in taking a set of pictures that pretty much represented the colours of autumn along the waterside.

Changing views

Regularly walking the same route could be viewed by some as boring, but much of my pleasure on this walk is seeing the changing colours that the seasons bring. The seasonal decay of today is very much the new life of tomorrow. There is also a certain fascination  in seeing the change in the wildlife, both in terms of the variety and activity that the approach to winter brings . Today was a pretty quiet quiet really. There were a couple of cormorants along the river and the regular ducks and moorhens on the canal, and other than the numerous and busy squirrels on the route, stocking up for winter, that was about it.

The weather was dry, the views were decent and even a couple of senseless areas of graffiti added some colour along the way – although it should go without saying that it would be better off unseen.

There really is so much to see even the steady drip of water from one of the canal bridges held my attention for a short while.

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