Last days of summer …

Last days of summer …

As get towards the mid point of September then we also get towards the last days of summer. The long days are already starting to fade away, the lights at home are on a little earlier and I find myself reaching for some slightly warmer clothing in the evening.

But despite the last days of summer being here the garden is still full of colour. A couple of recent posts show plenty of colour and insect activity – mainly end of season work from bees rather than anything else in the garden.


Summer officially ends on …

The precise definition of when a season starts and finishes can differ depending just where in the world you are. As far as the Northern Hemisphere meteorological goes summer is frequently said to end at the end of August. The astronomical calendar though tells us that summer ends with the start of the Autumn Equinox. The Autumn Equinox happens when the day and night are both of equal lengths and because it will happen on September 23 this year that really will be the last day of summer.

Here’s what the Met Office say about summer.

Picture gallery

Clicking on any of the images below will open a picture gallery that can be clicked or scrolled through. Pictures in this blog post were taken with Canon EOS 90D and Sigma 105mm macro lens. The picture of the blue ‘bee hotel’ that is included in the picture gallery and is the featured image for this blog post was made for us by Andy Birchall at The Tameside Shed.

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