A fine day for an autumn walk in the Tame Valley

A fine day for an autumn walk in the Tame Valley

Recent life events – bereavement, family commitments, decorating and any number of things to catch up on has meant our regular walking has been pretty disrupted since early August. But now and at last it seems like we have a good opportunity to get back to a decent routine . Yesterday was just ideal with a glorious sunny October day.

We headed off down the Tame Valley, alongside the river and then up towards a stretch of the canal before dropping back down through the woods alongside the River Tame and then home via Haughton Green – all in all the best part of six miles and pretty enjoyable.

Magpies and mallards

There wasn’t a great deal of wildlife about – mainly I guess due to the time of day we were out. In fact most of the wildlife that we saw was pretty much confined to magpies and mallards although we did spot a single buzzard high above open fields alongside the canal. Although there wasn’t a great deal of wildlife activity it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of being out in the autumn sunshine.

What we did notice though was the increase in aviation traffic. It’s nowhere near close to pre pandemic levels and at the moment it seems that level of activity is a long way off, especially with the threat of a winter surge in the infection rate and the likelihood of some further restrictions.

There are a few pictures in the gallery below of aircraft completing the last leg of their journeys into Manchester coming from Abu Dhabi, Luqa, Lanzarotte and Padderborn in Germany.

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