A visit to Barton Aerodrome – City Airport

Well they have wings but it’s not what I normally take pictures of …

Earlier this week we paid a visit to what I have always known as Barton Airfield but that is more properly known as Barton Aerodrome or City Airport.

It’s certainly a pretty decent place to stop by, have a coffee and perhaps a bite to eat and if the weather is good its a lovely place to sit out and watch the light aeroplanes and helicopters coming and going or doing training circuits.

There is a decent amount of (free) parking and during our visit there was plenty of airfield activity which provided me with the opportunity to try my hand at aircraft photography – and which turned out to be something I quite enjoyed (although I need more practice).

Regular visitors to this blog will know that the only winged things that I take lots of pictures of are birds, so this made for a nice change. More importantly though it was an ideal place to call with and catch up with our nephew Andy as we start to get back to some post lockdown normality.

On a fine day it really is a good place to call there’s a picnic area, a play zone for children and a decent grass viewing area. 

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