Autumn days … but winter is on the way

Winter is on the way

The morning clouds look heavy, the sky looks grey and the steady sound of raindrops gusting onto the window don’t make me feel like venturing outside just yet.

Today has got a wintery feel to it, although in practice It will actually be another four or five weeks before the ‘official start of winter on the 21st December.

Yesterdays news

Today really does have the feel of a winters day and that Autumn is yesterdays news. But there are sure to be more gloriously cold, crisp and dry autumnal days to get out enjoy the sight of the last of the leaves on the trees and the sight and sound of the fallen leaves on the ground. I certainly intend to be out every day and to make sure I enjoy what remains of Autumn 2020.

The pictures in this blog post were taken on a couple of days earlier this week and capture to some extent just what it is that I enjoy so much about wandering along my local stretch of the Peak Forest canal


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