Horse views from Fox field … local names for local places

Horse field

Quite often when my wife and I go walking, whether on our own or together, we frequently head off via the same route.

The route takes us off our housing estate, across a local common, and onto a path that brings us to a steel gate that in turn takes us along a short path to a matching steel gate about 200 yards further on.

This gated path runs between two fields that we have given our own names to. ‘Fox field’ on the left and ‘Horse field’ on the right.

Horse views

It’s unlikely we will win prizes for our ability to originate our own names for local routes and places of interest. It’s not as though there is anything revelatory behind the names, nor were we struck by some extraordinary moment that led to these names becoming part of our daily lexicon.

No … it really is boringly simple. There are frequently horses in the field on the right and occasionally a fox or two in the field on the left and hence the names Fox Field and Horse Field.

Having said that the pictures in the photo set below, none of which feature a fox are actually of a single horse in Fox Field!

Not a full horse

For this blog post, I decided that none of the pictures would feature a full view of a horse – have a look through the gallery, it’s just a different way of looking at animals that really are magnificent in so many ways.

Photo gallery

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