Manchester Airport – it’s always worth a visit (and coffee).

Manchester Airport – it’s always worth a visit (and coffee).

We don’t visit the viewing area at Manchester Airport often, but when we do we have always enjoyed our time there, and it’s a terrific place to take children.

On this occasion we took our youngest grandson¬† (he’s three years old) and for the price of a couple of cups of coffee and a ¬£5.00 parking fee, it’s a decent way to pass a couple of hours and pretty good value as well.

Visitor area

The visor area is right next to the runway which for the most part tends to be pretty busy which in turn means there is plenty to see.

There’s also a decent play area for younger children along with a good sized picnic area.

Refreshments are available from the well-stocked coffee house and if you’re after souvenirs then The Aviation Shop is on site with plenty of gifts for children and things that look more suitable for the serious aviation enthusiast.

Old planes

And there are a number of old planes on site but with one clear winner … the supersonic airliner, Concorde – you can check out the web site at this link for more information.

And not so far away

If visits like this are you’re sort of thing you may well find it worthwhile heading off to City Airport which is only about a dozen miles away.¬† It’s a very different experience but we always enjoy heading there, whether on our own or with our grandchildren.

City Airport (formally known as Barton Airport) is great for photography and you can see more info’ and plenty of pictures at posts from previous visits at the following links:

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