New life – plenty of new life on the canal

New life – plenty of new life on the canal

If you asked me what month or what time of year was my favourite for wandering along the towpath and checking out what’s going on – I really would struggle to pick one singe month or a particular time of year in preference over another – they are each special in their own way. But and it’s a big but, when it comes to new life then early summer and June time is probably pretty hard to beat and would surely be a contender for many folk if asked to pick a favourite time of year along the waterways.

The Peak Forest canal is no exception

There is so much new life on the waterways at the moment  – swans, geese, ducks, moorhens and more are all busy with their new broods and it really is delightful to see them.

Of course not all of them will make it, nature can seem harsh when it comes down to survival. But as harsh as the forces of nature can seem for some.  the reality is that others will survive.

Many of those that survive will be nurtured and will thrive because of the same powerful  forces of nature – it is how it is.

There were plenty of happy scenes along the canal yesterday and I have included a selection of pictures in the photo gallery below.

If you are checking out the pictures in the gallery you will see that there are quite a few of a jay. On this occasion the jay was behaving more like a tree creeper than like any jay I have seen before as it moved from one side of the canal to the other – have a look in the gallery below.

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