I sold a lens and bought myself a drone … DJI Mini 4 Pro

I sold a lens and bought myself a drone … DJI Mini 4 Pro

For a while I have had a couple of Sigma telephoto lenses in my collection and that I use with my EOS 90D.

The first telephoto lens I bought was the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM (Contemporary) – described by Sigma as a hyper-telephoto lens. The second was the Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM (Contemporary). Over the last couple of years, of these two excellent lenses it’s been the 100-400mm that I have tended to use the most.

The 150/600 is a quite brilliant lens. For the money it’s pretty hard to beat (currently retails at about £850 or so) but after using the smaller and lighter 100/400mm lens my wife has I was pretty much swayed to part with some cash and buy one of those as well.  (100/400 currently retails at about £700) and in my opinion it’s another Sigma lens that is excellent value.

It’s been a fine lens

In the time that I have both of these particular lenses, it’s been the 100/400mm that has been my lens of choice. It’s lighter, more portable and generally easier on the shoulder when out walking than the 150/600. Because the  90D has an APS C sensor – the equivalent zoom of the 100/400 actually maxes out at 640mm, so for most situations it’s pretty good.

Additionally the bigger of the two lenses is just not a practical size for me to take or use on my motorcycle travels – when I head off for a couple of weeks I really do travel light.

In fact last year I didn’t even take the 90D on my Spain/Portugal bike trip – although the results I got with an ageing Canon G16 were acceptable (you can see posts and pictures from that trip with this link).

Having said that I did miss having the 90D with me and will be considering taking it later this year when I head off for a few weeks (probably with the 18/135 lens).

Some good results

Some of my favourite pictures with the 150/600 lens have been at City Airport in Manchester (see some pictures here). Many of the pictures from trips to Anglesey have been taken with the 150/600 and maybe some of my favourites were from St Catherine’s in Argyle & Bute – check out these pictures of red squirrels.

But …

As I have already said it’s been the 100/400mm that has become my lens of choice and the bigger of the two lenses hasn’t been used, which in turn prompted me to sell it and buy something else.

And the something else I bought is a drone – a DJI Mini 4 Pro.

So far I have probably done more reading than flying of the Drone (due to weather and other commitments) but I’m really happy with the first pictures and video – but more to come in due course.

We have a couple of trips to Scotland planned as well as to Belgium and Germany and I also expect to be travelling extensively in Portugal and Spain later in the year – so all being well I’ll be competent with the drone and should be able ot add some different pictures.

In the meantime there are some pictures in the picture gallery below – taken whilst I have been understanding and getting use to the controls.

Picture gallery

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