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We have tried to make the most of the decent weather as summer fades and autumn takes hold. The weather so far, in this initial part of autumn has generally been pretty decent and ideal for walking. There are three separate sets of pictures in this post, scrolling down past Gallery One takes you to Gallery Two and past Gallery Two takes you to the third and final set.

The pictures in Gallery One below are from a decent couple of hours wandering through the woods near the Oulton Park racing circuit and near to Little Budworth in Cheshire. The woods can seem a million miles away from the racetrack … as long as it’s not a track day, practice or qualifying day and if it’s a race day then you wouldn’t really want to be there wandering through the woods – the crowds quite apart from the noise would make it all too much of a chore BUT when the track is quiet the woods really are like a small (but decent sized) oasis of tranquility and well worth a wander.

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Gallery One

The pictures below (Gallery Two) are from a walk along the Peak Forrest canal – first down to Buxworth Basin and then back to the basin at Whaley Bridge and a welcome pint in the White Hart. To avoid repetition from previous posts there are only a few pictures set out in Gallery Two – notable for the balancing goat and the portrait picture of Mike – a chap who has moved to permanent residency on a canal boat.

Gallery Two

The final set of pictures in Gallery Three are from a couple of walks, the first pictures local to us and near the River Tame in Denton whilst the remainder are from a walk along the section of the Peak Forrest canal that runs from High Lane to Marple and which made for a reasonable walk of about five and a half miles or so.

Gallery Three

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